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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 4, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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now entertainle tonight, the worldwide leader in entertainment news. we're counting down hollywood's top ten fashionistas. from j-lo's daring design. >> two oun of sophistication. >> angelina beyonce, jennifer aniston, rihanna. >> rihanna has more of a schizophrenic sense of style. >> the fashion divas every
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designer wants to dress. plus fashion misses and hollywood's number one fashion icon. >> i certainly don't dress like this every time i go out. >> now in-depth on the biggest entertainment stories from around the world. hi, everybody, welcome to entertainment tonight. i'm nancy o'dell. we're counting down hollywood's top ten fashionistas, they're the style icons who have women around the world following in their louis vuitton footsteps. number one tv's hottest reality star from top to bottom. kim cashkardashian. the keeping up with the kardashian star has been a trend setter since she was a teen, stunning, strong structural piecing on the red carpet. >> definitely know what you're wearing before you step on the red carpet. >> kim knows what she's doing and she's not afraid to take chances. black and white are a staple
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colors in her wardrobe according to avrille graham, executive fashion and beauty editor of "harper's business czarizarre." >> she wears this. >> at a white house correspondence dinner kim got help from home starting with a classic valentino dress from mom kris' closet. >> she never thought it would fit me. she started bawling when i put it on. it fit. i'm wearing her jewelry. >> she's a daring diva obsessed with looking beautiful, not always successful but always talked about. >> her legions of teenage followers look for every fashion moment and copy that. >> and number nine, rihanna. rocking red lace on the red carpet, a superstar singer whose fashion style says risk taker edgy. >> rihanna has more of a schizophrenic sense of style. she likes to be a little bit
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surprising with her fashion choices. fitting a girl in the music business. not to the lady gaga sense but a little more restrained sense. she really shows she can be edgy and fabulous or simple and androgenous and still pull it off. >> the native barbados, exotic as seen in her music videos like "only girl in the world." still in her 20s she's a sexy cover girl with a punk rock twist, confident and powerful. >> i love the fact that she pairs this elegant one-shouldered slinky black lace look by stella mccartney with this kind of edgy hair style. >> rihanna manages to look feminine by choosing stunning styles that fit her tall and lean physique. sometimes she goes too far with this see-fluthrough number at the echo awards and here, and this
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by victor and ross. >> our next showed off her singing pipes on glee and acting chops earned her an oscar. the statuesque blond shines brightest on the red carpet, number eight, gwyneth paltrow. oscar winner and mother of two always a jaw dropper on the red carpet. legs, legs, legs. this open back gown for "country strong." >> the dress she chose for her "country strong" premiere, hipt hyptonizes. her stylest knows what works for her. she doesn't deviate from the route. >> at the fashion awards a little something she just threw on. >> took me about 45 minutes. i'm wearing michael.
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>> i have to say she's definitely hands down my favorite person to dress i think she looks as great in sweats as an evening gown. >> her long flowing blond hair and body give her the look. >> eating healthy her passion for fitness have a lot to do with gwyneth paltrow making the right choices. >> she has her quirk side. this gown is not what it appears from the side, shoulder, midriff and leg all exposed. >> this particular one with pastel rainbow hues ss accentuates the fact gwyneth is an a-lister. >> our number seven, jennifer aniston. >> jennifer aniston, america's sweetheart really knows how to accentuate the positives. >> even on the red carpet, jennifer's understated elegance comes across in bucket loads. while still keeping that aura of
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celebrity chic. >> blessed with the perfect hair, great legs. she has a great body and tends to be quite playful with length, styles, sill bethhouettes and colors. >> a short black skirt for her "horrible bosses" premiere or orange for her fragrance line it's easy to see why jen is a magazine favorite. >> her choice of this great tangerine, shows her playful style, accentuating a shoulder line exercises well, tones with yoga. as a result, she can wear almost any length and she often does choose shorter lengths for the red carpet. extremely successfully. >> let's talk about this gorgeous dress. hot. loving it. i like it. >> thank you. >> jen told us her quote/unquote girls often help her pick out what to wear but we don't know who helped the star out when it was time to cement her hands in hollywood history. >> jennifer aniston, life is all
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about making fashionable choices and for me i like it when she's more sleek. >> and coming up next, beyonce sasha's fierce fashions and the woman who made the "sex in the city" style a worldwide phenomenon. plus, who is our number one hollywood fashionista? we're going to tell you. and more star news to cover right here. and now they dated? hollywood's hookup history. tom cruz, for instance, after nicole, but before katie, he dated, get this sophia. >> they always write that it's a romance, but, no tom is just like a friend of mine and there was nothing special about that. >> but before sophia tom also dated heather locklear and cher. >> it's a long time ago, a long, long time ago, and neither one of us ever talked about it. >> the romances of brad pitt before angelina and jennifer were many and included robin givens says pop culture
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reporter victoria o. >> he headed a guest role on "head of the class." rumor has it the affair ended abruptly because mike tyson came home and was hammering on the front door. >> did they ever meet face to face? >> they did one time. >> was he scared of him? >> yeah, yeah, he was scared, of course. >> brad lived with julia lewis and engaged to gwyneth paltrow and dated applegate. >> rumors linking him to his co-star in "thelma and louise." >> and the loves of george clooney, common knowledge except drum roll, please, kelly preston. kelly landed with john travolta but before her romance with charlie sheen. >> charlie engaged to her with a 25 carat engagement ring. >> sandra bullock dated ryan
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gosling. courtney was once on item with michael keaton. before ashton and demi were the rage, he dated the hardly known january jones before mad men. lisa has been married to
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welcome back, everybody, to our countdown of hollywood's top ten fashionistas. on stage she has been known as sasha fierce, but fierce only
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begins to describe the star's explosive style. at number six, beyonce. when beyonce brings out her sasha fierce, she's nothing short of captivating. >> beyonce's latest reincarnation shows her ability to change her look very easily. i love her natural curly look. and this choice of a super sassy m mini by british designer julian mcdonald is a good example how she plays with color and length to her best advantage. >> she's a risk taker daring you to look away. baby blue ivy's mom can go full glam. >> beyonce is showing her sophisticated style in his hourglass corseted choice of gown. >> it doesn't hurt she has one of the best accessories ever jay-z. >> beyonce brings attitude and is not afraid to push the
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fashion envelope. 2009 mtv music awards wearing this stunning gown and it was spectacular. every time she made the move the dress would change colors. >> and the hits just keep on coming. ♪ beyonce took bejeweled to a new level at the 2010 grammy awards. >> this entire omani dress had diamonds a plunging neckline. it was cut high thigh. when you look at good, it was hard to remember she won six grammys that night. >> she's fashion's sasha fierce. at number five, sarah jessica parker and couture fashion born to be together. dior, chanel, mcqueen. her custom creations on the red carpet place her easily on our top ten. >> sarah jessica parker really has an innate sense of style. she's the girl who can pull it off without a stylist and look absolutely first class amazing.
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>> she really could be a fashion professor. every time sjp hits the red carpet she always does it right and every girl should be taking notes. >> i certainly don't dress like this every time i go out. >> london prepare extravagant and alexander mcqueen, the hat by phillip tracy, sarah is a true artist. >> here we see here on the red carpet in japan promoting "sex in the city" move we have an edgy take on a ball gown by vivian westwood, again, another insider's choice in terms of designer. she can pull off just about any sillhouette perfectly. >> and has a flair for the dramatic. she chose this floral print camp and she looks statuesque, she looks stunning. >> for sarah jessica a night out may begin with a dress but she'll often style her hair to fit the fashion to perfection. sarah makes every choice count. >> whether her hair is big, flatter, up dos, buns, loose,
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whatever sarah jessica parker takes fashion risks and is always a hit. >> sarah jessica parker has a keen eye for style and the money to back it up. according to "forbes" she earned $30 million in one year. now, that tied her at the time with angelina jolie for hollywood's highest paid actress. along with all that cash, angelina also has an eye for style. coming up, what makes angie a fashion icon. plus halle berry blake lively and our number one hollywood fashionista when "et" rolls on. >> and action. >> and now tyler perry action star? not exactly. >> a lot of sore ribs, a lot of sore fingers. this watch dug into my arm but we got the shot. it worked out. >> tyler plays a police detect detective in "alex cross." >> i'm alex cross. >> research for the film went on ride-alongs with real cops. >> everybody is running out of
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the apartment, it's tyler perry! i just blew your cover, man. >> alex cross is a character from writer james patterson made famous in the film "kiss the girls" and "along came a spider." tyler did not call morgan for advice. >> i wouldn't know. are you kidding me? that's morgan freeman. i'm not going to call and say listen, i got this role want me to play alex cross. what do you think? man is so brilliant, said, i have to find my own thing, my own way. >> a world apart from tyler's own iconic character, madea. >> this year turning 40 i wanted to challenge myself. >> this place is heavy my man. >> the story has tyler tracking down a serial killer, matthew fox. >> he and i are archenemies. i shook his hand when we met said this is going to be our last time talking, said yes it is. we walked our way in different directions. maybe it's over at the premiere, we'll have a drink or something, but right now, that's it. 8. time for our countdown of hollywood's top ten fashionistas
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to move on. next up a young star whose style caught the eye of her husband ryan reynolds, at number four, blake lively. now, mrs. ryan reynolds. this "gossip girl" has the eyes of the world on every style step she takes. is there a lot of pressure on you in terms of what you wear because you're a fashion icon at this point. >> i love to play dress-up. it's like, you know, playing dress-up but in front of a bunch of people. the audience is bigger than your parents. >> for a young actress she's really getting her fashion groove on. >> blake takes style inspiration from iconic hollywood screen legends. she's currently the face of gucci. >> gucci premiere, the new essence for women. >> at one mtv movie awards, blake wore an electric blue dress with purple suede louies vuitton s, a red silk gown with
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a tulle ruffle skirt. at the gala she arrived in sea green. >> this is christian, louis vuitton, of course. >> one of her favorite designers, marcasa. blake is clearly at the cutting edge of style. >> i grew up always having such a love and appreciate for fashion. >> i love the fact she's wearing one of this season's trends. the mullet dress which is short at the front, longer at the back. with that great pair of ankles. she can really pull it off. >> at number three angelina jolie. >> alberta. >> one of the world's biggest stars, angelina, has been rocking red carpets for 25 years. >> that's a gorgeous dress. >> thank you. >> beautiful. >> the first time we saw angelina on the red carpet was with her dad. even though she looks a little uncomfortable like a deer caught in the headlights, at a young age she was already making a big
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fashion statement. >> solid colors are one of her trademarks her favorite black. in early years her style was inch edgy and quite daring. lately, her motto seems to be keep it simple. >> one of my favorite red carpet looks she's worn this year is this great simple look showing acres of leg. she's not overdone it. she just looks sexy and beautiful without trying too hard. >> at the sarajevo international film festival she wore a coral gown but she's most off seen in a dress like this rich chocolate dress at the film festival or emerald green gown covered entirely in crystals and for her favorite accessories it has to be brad pitt. >> angelina knows exactly when to play that hollywood a-lister card. >> from one a-list oscar winner to another, halle berry took
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home the gold for monsters ball and she's one actress who everysigner in the world wants to dress. that's one of the reason why halle is our number two hollywood fashionista. >> halle might be our sexiest fashionista. no matter what she wears she always finds an edge then exploits it. >> i love the fact that halle berry just continues to surprise. regardless of what's happening in her private life, she manages to pull off an all-time sense of hollywood glamour. >> halle's bejeweled cream mermaid gown at the 2011 oscars featured a flash of tulle a creation that perfectly fit the tradition of the event. >> halle berry at the academy awards in 2010 looked like hollywood royalty. she was wearing this beautiful marcasa cream gown with this beautiful tulle train. i have to say, it's probably one of my favorite red carpet moments ever. >> this particular look i like because of that frosty old time
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glamour. she seems to exude a sense of timeless fashion. fabulous elegance. >> she's one of the few hollywood celebs who could pull off a floral elli saab or change it up with a vivid color such as this asymmetrical. >> i love the old time glamour of this look plunging elegant chic vibrant color. >> now at number one -- ♪ no hotter fashionista than jennifer lopez. as a judge on "american idol" she captivated the audience every week. she made an impact. >> jepnnifer lopez is an experimental sense of stilsyle, we remember her most iconic moments. in this particular look, which is gucci, she's transformed into gucci, fabulous red carpet as
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she can only pull it off. she loves to accentuate the positive. hourglass figure. >> jennifer lopez is a mother of curves. curves in all the right places. this mother of two can go rock and glam. >> jennifer knows when to rock it out for the right occasion. at the 2011 grammys jennifer put her games on display in a mirror ball pucci dress which dazzled down to her spiked louis vuittons. >> she can pull off that look and at 40 years old wow tiptop gorgeous. >> and she never forgets that fashion can be fun. >> i think that's why so many people love to see what surprise we're going to see each season on the red carpet. >> jennifer lopez a rising solo, showed up to me william and kate wearing this forest green emilio pucci gown. when meeting royalty, was it
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fashion forward, was it a fashion faux pas or fearless? >> add to that her own fashion and fragrance lines and j-lo is her own fashion empire and really the only choice for number one. >> being number one adds up to a lot of things. add up all the money jennifer earned from her many enterprises and what do you get? j-l's forchumtune
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well that is it for tonight's show. for more on our stories and all the late breaking hollywood news, click on to thanks so much for watching, everybody. good night.
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